Digital Marketing

Hello friends we will try to understand what is the digital marketing or online marketing and how to utilize it to grow our business with the help of digital marketing first of all we will think about  what are the options are available for the best  digital marketing


Google is the search engine that provides you any kind of information about any products or things, whenever you search for any particulars information on Google, Google will provide you all listing products or information related to your search., as per Google analysis Google will show you the result on the first page which is having good contents and the best information


Google will show you the two different types of results on the first page, the first which is related to “search engine marketing” and 2nd is “search engine optimization”.

When we pay Google for advertising your products which are called “search engine marketing “


When you don’t pay to Google and still you are getting listing and advertise your product on first page of

Google which is called “search engine optimization”, for this result you need to follow certain processes and techniques sated by Google. 


Now we will talk about social media marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc  are the example of social media marketing  platform 


You tubes is also a platform for digital marketing, when you want to see any video while watching that video you see an ad at the beginning of the video.

 Content writing

Now you know the different types of platforms available for us to grow our business, but we should understand our business first what kind of business is yours. We should understand and do analytical homework before we should choose any platform to advertise your products so that we will choose the correct platform and utilize our money and time correctly which cause us to result what we expect

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